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With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place for BIPOC

Grief to Action was founded to fill the needs of BIPOC in need of a place and community to facilitate healing and hope. Hear co-founder Aaron Johnson speak into the birthing of Grief to Action.

our critical needs


Following is a list of items and resources that would be incredibly helpful in our endeavor to provide BIPOC a place to grieve and heal while sheltered and safe.

6 to 8 Lotus Tents to start sheltering in place to grieve.

Fencing for area of 4 acres to protect the POC folks’ privacy and boundaries.

Security camera system. 

Solar panels, water tanks, mobile showers, mobile restrooms to support the participants having very little need to leave the site and potentially get exposed during this pandemic. Solar panels will support light, refrigeration, and cooling systems for cooling the tents during the summer, and warmth during the cold nights of the Mojave desert.

Earth building materials for Super Adobe builds, including earth bags. 

BioChar to use in compost and other sustainable practices related to the food forest and permaculture. 

Greenhouse materials to harness the energy of the sun in the creation of sustainable food sources. 

Storage for the tents when they’re not being used/ several sheds.

Van/truck: The space will be mobile as the camp will be able to move if need be. For the ability to move, we need a van to transport people and supplies.

Up-Coming Initiatives

There's enough time in the day to change the world.

- Aaron Johnson, Grief to Action co-founder