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“We desire to grieve at the pace of revolution…
not at the pace of media coverage.”

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We Have the Power to Impact the Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

It is clear that there is a significant amount of grief and rage that is being released by African Heritage people and people of oppressed identities. The Grief to Action Camp is a semi-mobile camp where African Heritage and other identified POC (People of Color) can come shelter in place and grieve with support. After these strong emotions are released, folks can notice the wisdom that comes out of grief and out of rage, especially while being held and supported by African Heritage people and other allies.

Camp & Plant

An invitation for individuals, both white and People of the Global Majority (PGM) to come and build, plant, and work the land to make it accessible for grief work and a sanctuary for Black pain and pain of PGM. This is tender work; it is Black-led. We are inviting people who have the capacity to hold the labor and the intentional integration of Camp and Plant. Keep Reaching, Love You.

Deep Holders

Deep Holders are a core group of healers, grief holders, and activists that will be holding space doing the on the ground work of holding grief and supporting the actions after the grief. This is a living collection of people that is constantly growing. We are always seeking out new healers, holders, and activists to join this community. 

People Resources

We are always in need of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Some high priority people resources include lawyers, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, somatic therapists & permaculturists. 

Critical Needs

In addition to people resources, critical needs at this time include physical items such as solar panels, batteries, small RVs & movable shelters, herbal medicine, gardening supplies and workout equipment. Please reach for us if you are able to support. See a more complete and ever growing list of critical needs here. 

Grief Rituals

Grief Rituals are open for solo experiences, families, specific groups either centered on a particular organization or identity (e.g. churches, non-profits, young people, queer folks of color, etc.).

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- Aaron Johnson, Grief to Action co-founder