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Grief to Action is in need of volunteers from all backgrounds to fill the following needs:

Personnel that are capable of holding black stories.

Cooks to prepare food and nourishment that is restorative to the black and other POC identified participants.

Therapists and nurses to support the mental and physical health and maintenance of the participants that are grieving.

Professional and semi-professional cuddlers and touch specialists to hold the complexity of a touch plan for the participants in the landscape of a pandemic.

Gardeners and builders to build platforms, sheds, set up the tents and break them down, start the foundations of food forest and permaculture.

Volunteer drivers to pick people up from long and short distances and to transport them across the United States to participate in these platforms; in a pandemic era, flights may be a risk. 

Singers and sound makers to support participants with moving trauma through the body. 

Writers to add articles to document the wisdom that comes from these events.

Photographers, videographers, and editors to document and tell the stories of the black and Poc folks that are part of this experience.

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- Aaron Johnson, Grief to Action co-founder